Horror Blogaround: 18 December 2016

Some recommended reading from this past week:

The Monsters Among Us: My Favorite Horror Movie Monsters of All Time – Graveyard Shift Sisters compile a list of 13 of the greatest monsters in psychological horror films:

“The horror genre at its best has always been symbolic in the way it can penetrate and expose our personal and cultural fears. I’ve always been riveted by the various monsters and villains that the genre has created since its inception. These villains have had a lingering effect on the pop culture conscience for years.”

The Scary Reviews have an interview with Jessica Ward, author of the E-Virus: The Diary of a Modern Day Girl series:

“I am very spontaneous when it comes to writing. I never really have much of an outline, when I start writing a book I generally have no idea on where it’s going to go. I tend to come out with the characters, I have a really good think about their personality and characteristics and hope for the best!”

Horror Podcast: The Last Podcast on the Left and Killer POV – Fishmuffins of Doom reviews these two podcasts and gives helpful details for those wanting to know if the shows’ styles are for them.

Two Minute Goth Planner DIY: Planner Charms – The Everyday Goth gives a super-quick and easy tutorial on how to create a charm accessory to goth up your daily planner.

Angela at Horror Maiden reviews Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones:

“A spellbinding and darkly humorous coming-of-age story about an unusual boy, whose family lives on the fringe of society and struggles to survive in a hostile world that shuns and fears them.”



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